Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I love these GENES!

It amazes me how different my two children are. I know they say all kids are different, but lately I have been noticing this more and more!

First of all, Madelyn looks sooo much like me. Looking at pictures from when I was little I think we look almost identical (I sure do love when people say she's cute)!

And Oliver looks just like Philip. I couldn't imagine two people looking more alike than they do. They have the same eyes. And the same hair (although Ollie does have my porcupine hair).

Interesting enough, I think Mad and Ollie look very much alike too. Of course, I think Philip and I look absolutely nothing alike. Look...they are even making the same face!!!

As for personality, Madelyn is FULL of LIFE. She is always on the go and never takes even a moment to slow down. Tonight she wanted me to play a game with her (although we had been playing all day since I didn't have to work) and I stopped to ask her if she ever gets tired. She looked at me straight in the eye and said no. I honestly believe this! She is quite inquisitive and very independent. She is sensitive and cares a lot about what is right and wrong (although she doesn't always do the right thing since she is three). Above all else, she is hilarious...and I believe she knows this! Oliver is easygoing. Yet, he is more mischievous than Madelyn EVER was. And although he is curious and exploring all of the new things around him, he is calm. He plays on the floor for a few minutes and then crawls into my lap to sit and suck on his thumb, taking a break from all of the excitement. He is even gentle (for an 8 month old). When I feed him before bed every night he plays with my hair, notice I didn't say pulls my hair. Now he obviously isn't old enough to compare everything (since he can't talk), but already I notice that they are two very different people. One thing is for sure, they are both incredibly happy babies!

I was feeding Ollie scrambled eggs the other night. It was his first time eating them and he spit them back out at me. He didn't care for them much. This is new for me. Madelyn never spit food out at me. She tried, and liked, everything we gave her. She never even seemed to have a preference over fruits and veggies. She just loved it all. Oliver on the other hand loves fruits, especially bananas, and tolerates his veggies. He hated peas for the longest time, but my persistence paid off and he now eats them.The weird part about this...Madelyn ate everything we gave her, just in small amounts. Oliver doesn't love everthing, but when he does you sure know it. He eats it all and then wants more!

Regardless of who they are or who they resemble, I sure do love them!!

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