Monday, January 24, 2011

A Tribute

We lost Pokey today. If you don't know who Pokey was, you might not understand that this is a really big deal. Pokey was Madelyn's favorite blanket (she got her name from the polka dots she once had). Her go-to blankie. Her lovie! She adored this blanket and took it EVERYWHERE. After I realized it was gone I went back into the store and hunted the shelves for it. I asked for it. Left my phone number at customer service. I even got Aunt Amanda and Grammy to go back to the store with me after Mad was tucked into bed to look one more time. No Pokey. I even called down the aisles for Pokey, just as Mad would have done. "Pokey, where are you. Where are you Pokey." "Pokes" is lost. And I am afraid to say...FOREVER. When Mad went to bed she cried for Pokey. She didn't want to sleep without her. And then once she understood that she had to, she asked when we would get Pokey back. My poor baby lost her Pokey today!

Here's to you, Pokey!

Playing Hide and Seek with Pokey.
Pokey as a napkin.

Folding Pokey.
Pokey watching Nemo on Ice.

Oliver watching Pokey at the Biltmore Estate.
Resting with Pokey after a long day.

Pokey at the park.

Pokey relaxing on the hammock with new baby bro.

Pokey at the Nature Center.

Pokey getting ready for dance class.

Pokey on Christmas morning.

Pokey, you will be missed!

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